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Phonics: A Good Tool

Because early childhood is an exciting and stimulus pacted period of our lives, children need and even demand information, tools for making sense of their world. Children know that that is where the secrets are hidden. Children are wondering why mom is smiling while she sits with that book all by herself. Children show, very early, in their drawings that symbols are becoming very important to them. They recognize that symbols have meaning. Look closely, you'll see a cross, a sun shape, a line, a circle, a broken line. Because the child is physically able to produce these symbols, his brain is ready. This is the perfect time in a human's life to present his language. The next step is order, taking those symbols and giving them meaning, sound, and phonics.

A good tool is a satisfying possession and that is exactly what owning a word structure is, a good tool. Phonics strengthens us because the tools provide a guide to deciphering the written word. Once the child has learned the sound for each consonant and vowel he is ready to spell with the written symbol the object that he has seen. I see a dog, I can spell d-o-g. He can see the word dog and can decipher the word to read dog. A strong foundation gives the confidence to successfully tackle unfamiliar words. Spelling will become easier with an understanding of phonics. The phonics knowledge you give your child will follow him throughout his life.

by Cathy Caughman