Hello and Welcome to Phonics and Homeschooling. The resources for teach children at home. A method of teaching reading in which people learn to associate letters with the speech sounds they represent, rather than learning to recognize the whole word as a unit. Also find information about children education at home or Homeschooling.

Examples (English)

Here is an example of an application of lexical phonology:

Here are the words to be considered in this example:

  • sane [sejn] / sanity [sQnIti]
  • neighbor [nejb«&u0279;] / neighborhood [nejb«&u0279;hUd] *[nQb«&u0279;hUd]

The following rule applies across level 1 morpheme boundaries:

  • A tense vowel becomes lax when a short word is lengthened by adding a suffix, so that the words ends up having at least three syllables.

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