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The first two levels of affixation

We will consider the first two levels of affixation because they differ significantly. Here is a table that compares affixation on Levels 1 and 2:

Level 1
Affixes include:
-ate, -ion, -ity, -ic, sub-, de-, in-

Affixation causes stress shift:

Trisyllabic shortening occurs:

Nasal assimilation occurs:
in + legal -> illegal

Affixes may attach to stems:
re-mit, de-duce

Affixation is less productive and more exception ridden.

Level 2
Affixes include:
-ly, -ful, -some, -ness, re-, un-, non-

Affixation does not affect stress:

No trisyllabic shortening occurs:

Nasal assimilation is blocked:
un + ladylike -> unladylike, not *ulladylike

Affixes attach only to words:re-open, de-regulate

Affixation is more productive and less exception ridden.