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Build an Understanding of Emotions

Organizing information is a crucial way to recognize material learned, as well as make new material relevant to students. With younger students, introducing abstract concepts is a difficult task. By using several short sessions and concrete experiences, students are able to better grasp the concepts of happy and sad emotions. This lesson plan can easily be modified for other emotions and can also be adapted for the full range of kindergarten through second grade. Older children can play more of a role in creating the language experience chart, while younger children can feel ownership by adding their own names.

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From theory to practice

Winters, R. (2001). Vocabulary anchors: Building conceptual connections with your students. The Reading Teacher, 54, 659-662. Vocabulary and concept development is based on solving problems and connecting new information to personal experiences. Students clarify their understanding through informal social interactions and active processing. By having meaningful interactions with language, students can begin to understand the concept of emotions.

by : Kelly Sheehan and Emily Marietta, Nashville, Tennessee