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Why Some Kids Don't Like to Read

Do any of these statements have a familiar ring? They are the reasons children frequently give for not reading:

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  • It's boring. Don't despair if your children have this response to reading that is assigned at school. You can expose them to another kind of reading at homereading that is related to their interests.
  • I don't have the time. Kids are busy. School, friends, sports, homework, television, and chores all compete for their time. Some children need your help in rearranging their schedules to make time for reading.
  • It's too hard. For some children, reading is a slow, difficult process. If your child is having a hard time reading, talk with their or her reading teacher. Ask about how you can find interesting books and materials written at a level that matches your childs reading ability.
  • It's not important. Often children don't appreciate how reading can be purposeful, or relevant to their lives. Parents can take it upon themselves to find reading materials on subjects that do matter to their kids.
  • It's no fun. For some children, especially those who have difficulty reading, books cause anxiety. Even for children with strong reading skills, pressure from schools and home that emphasize reading for performance can make reading seem like a chore. Our advice: take the pressure off reading so that your children can enjoy it.
If you or someone else in your family has had problems reading, there is a greater likelihood your children will experience these difficulties, too. Speak to a reading teacher if you have reason to suspect a learning problem. Early testing administered at your child's school can identify a learning disability and alert the school to your childs need for special teaching.