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The Benefits of Music for Your Child

As I sit here writing, I can hear in the background my children humming and singing while they play. My four year old son is trying to make up his own rhyming lyrics to a melody he’s made up on the piano and my six year old daughter is reading the lyrics for a song she is practicing for a concert.

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Music has had such an impact on our lives. And I know it comes in most part from the simple task of playing children’s music during our day. Together we listen, sing along, dance and even read the lyrics.

For babies and young children music is a wonderful way to learn language and new vocabulary. And they love it. I have never met a young child that doesn’t love music.

Listening to music with your children can create a stimulating atmosphere for your home. Different music can be used to evoke different moods and can be used to create different environments in your home.

When my children were babies, I used to play calm classical music before bedtime. Even now we play classical music when they do art (or when I need a some peace and quiet). At other times we use livelier music to encourage creative movement, development of rhythm, dancing and singing along with. I don’t think we could survive a long car ride without one of our favorite cds.

I have also found music very beneficial for their education. Through music, children (and adults alike) are able to more easily memorize facts. Songs can be used to learn phonics rules, math facts, lifestyle skills and so much more. We now try to find music that teaches about topics the kids are interested in. And I find myself having the opportunity to relearn many subjects including Spanish.

Early exposure to a variety of musical styles can help develop a life long appreciation of music. When your children are young, you as the parent have the opportunity to influence positively the music that the family purchases. You can introduce many different styles and topics before their peers take over in later years.

The greatest benefit of music is that it allows us as a family to spend quality time together. Music is an entertaining alternative to television. With music playing in the background we can still have conversations, read or do other activities. For some strange reason my children seem to quarrel less when their music is playing. We’ll often sing along to lively songs while we fold the laundry and tidy up. Music can be played while we bake cookies or craft. Unlike excessive television which can sometimes distract from our time together, music is something that we can all share together, enhances our home life and promotes family time.

Nowadays there are so many exceptional children’s artists and variety of albums to choose from. It can almost be overwhelming. Fortunately, the internet now allows us the luxury of being able to easily search for music, learn about the artist, read reviews and listen to samples of their work. The following select websites listed below will give you a great start. Good luck, have fun together and allow your child to grow up loving music!

By Susan Jarema