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Children’s Books Are Written For A Purpose

When you have little ones, they do not understand that there is are certain morals and values written into each story. They understand that there is an adventure or a tea party.
As your children get older, the stories that you read to them, they understand the stories, but the meanings may not be clear. You need to take this opportunity to explain what the story’s moral value is in a way that they can understand.

When you start reading to your children early in life, you are giving them an advantage over children that are not read to. You want your children to have a love of reading, not to be obsessed with. There are times when a child will replace real life with a character in a book. The book becomes their life.

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You as parents have a role to play to ensure that your child do not end up like the latter. Below are some tips on how kids should go about reading children’s books.

Like everything else in your child’s life, reading time should be a set amount of time at the same time everyday. You should encourage your child to read, even nurture their desire to read, but limit them to a specific amount of reading time per day.

Make sure that your child interacts as he or she normally does, if you see any changes, you need to adjust their reading time.

Children love to hear stories. Toddlers in particular are fascinated with stories of wild adventures of flying dinosaurs. As they grow and learn to read for themselves, you may feel that that they can read to themselves giving you a little more free time. Experts feel that when you continue reading with your children, you are creating quality time with them.

Children can sense when you are stressed and usually will leave you alone when you are at your highest stress level. It is recommended that you pick a certain time every day to read to them. This also sends the message that no matter how busy you are you always have time for them.
When your child is learning to read, your reading time becomes more special. Encourage your child to read. Help him or her to sound out the words and you will reach a whole new level of fun with your children. You will see and hear the satisfaction they will feel when they read their first book to you.

Reading to your children is a rewarding experience. Children who are read to on a regular basis do better in school and are overall well rounded.

By Paul Heitman