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ProProfs Launches Free Flashcards Feature With Over 1 Million Cards

Los Angeles, CA, June, 2007. (, the leader in free online learning resources, announces the launch of ProProfs Flashcards (, with one of the largest educational flashcard database of its kind. ProProfs Flashcards is a free, community-oriented service aimed at providing students and educators with ability to study, find and export flashcards by either selecting from exhaustive library covering a wide variety of subjects or by creating their own.

As Sameer Bhatia, president and founder of ProProfs, explains, "Flashcards are an effective, proven tool to help students register information. ProProfs Flashcards allow us to better provide students and educators with the necessary tools for learning success on the web." As Mr. Bhatia points out, flashcards are often used by students who want to study components of a subject area at crunch time. Proprofs Flashcards permits students to study on their time and at their pace.

Part of the appeal of ProProfs Flashcards to students is the extensive collection of existing flashcards covering a variety of subjects ranging from chemistry to computer science. ProProfs Flashcards library is among the largest flashcard libraries on the web, offering over 1,000,000 (1 million) flash cards free of charge organized into over 10,000 sets. The extensive set was created by a combination of various methods ranging from user contributions (during a 5 month beta release), to flashcards created by subject matter experts and those acquired by direct purchase from other third party sources and then tagged and offered in a suitable form.

Flashcard sets can also be created and edited by users, meaning that instructors can create flashcard sets from which their students can study. Continued user submissions and updates ensure that the free ProProfs Flashcards library will continue to be accurate, up-to-date and one of the most extensive free library available. Students can vote, rank and comment on cards creating an educational social network. The personalized experience of ProProfs Flashcards allows students to create their own sets and personalize the user interface, which is user-customizable, down to font size and page colors. Cards can also be embedded & directly accessed from class webpage or personal home page. One student reports, I spent a few hours entering my chemistry notes onto the flashcards system so that other students do not have to search around for good notes. All sets can also be "tagged," or given keywords that users can enter when searching for the cards they need most. Tagging allows for a more specific categorization of sets of cards and improves usability.

ProProfs Flashcards offers students and instructors the unique opportunity to study, share, and improve flashcards with the e-learning community. With feature-rich tools and a large variety of cards, ProProfs Flashcards can continue to provide students with the learning resources they need to succeed.

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