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Home Schooling - An Alternative To Public "Education"

It is becoming clearly obvious to many parents that something is very wrong with the public education system. Each year fewer students graduate with sufficient academic and cognitive skills, violence and immorality continue to rise, and this continues unabated despite never-ending mammoth funding to the local and federal Departments of Education by the government. The reasons for this are simple to understand. Primarily psychiatrists and behavioral psychologists now run the schools. Behaviorism views man as an animal, to be manipulated and controlled within planned environments. The modern public school system represents the psycholgists attempts to create a "planned environment" which will act upon the student, modify thier ideas, beliefs, and values, and thereby alter their behavior (to bring about a new and different society). Instead of academics aimed at increasing the individuality and self-determinism of the student, we now have behavioral engineering and psychotherapy aimed at "feelings" and the "socialization" of the child.

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The key person behind all this as relates to modern education was John Dewey., professor of philosophy and psychology at Columbia Teachers College. Wilhelm Wundt, a German experimental psychologist, began the shift of concern from man's "mind" or "soul" to raw animal behavior. Philosophically, the tendency of all modern psychology since has been to deny and eradicate the human mind and all it does, and instead forward and promote the notion of Man as another animal, as just another part of Nature, and subject to scientiific laws of stimulus-response and genetic evolution. This is why modern public education is a disaster.

Outcome-based-education (OBE) is largely the product of the major "learning labs" and foundations which employ only psychologists and behavioral engineers. It is all about social manipulation, planning and bring about a "new planned society", and very little about what we all assume education to be - learning to read, write, arithmetic (logic) and develop intellectual, cognitive and academic skills. OBE has the support of funding and legislation in almost if not all states. It's not going away. A large, dedicated, influencial, and very well-funded group of folks intend to use the public education system as their means of modifying the beliefs and behavior of the coming generation.

A study of the history of public education makes it clear that it has always been viewed with "social" agenda in mind above all else. See what Frederick Taylor Gates, of the General Education Board, back in the late 1800s had to say about the purpose of public education - it wasn't to bring out the best of each and every person.

Modern public education represents almost 100 years of intensive planning, funding and behind the scenes controlling by the National Education Assocation (NEA), wealthy individuals and philanthropic foundations, and various humanist organizations. The common link to these all has been the infuence or support of psychiatry, behavioral psychology, cultural anthropoly and sociology - the social sciences. And the aim of these is simply to use "science" to control and birng about a new world order (as they, the elite materialistic "authorities" conceive this to be). The goal is a "social concept", a "State" view, and not improving or bringing out the best of any individual child.

Every school and teacher has been educated into the modern psychiatric views of labeling childen with various "mental disorders" such as "learning disabled", "minimal brain dysfunction", "dyslexia" and "Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder", the "solution" for all of which is DRUGS. Ironically, many of the students who display these problems often got them in the first lace because of faulty education in vasic reading skills. Phonics, which has been a successful method for teaching reading to children for over a century, has been completley run our of the schools by psychologists, and replaced with ineffective "whole-language" and "look-say" methods, which act to cripple the child's vocabulary and their entire furute ability to read or learn anything.

If you want your child to be educated into academics, with a sense of right and wrong, responsibility and decency, the only solution is to get out of and away from federally funded public education. private schools are one alternative and home schooling is another.
Many parents are finding both success and incredible personal rewards following the home schooling approach. Many parents initially respond, "How can I find the time? How can we afford to home school our children?" A better way to put it is:

How can you afford NOT to ensure your children obtain a quality education including academics, values and responsibility?Check out the links below for more information on the modern public education system, it's relationships to modern psychology and psychiatry, home schooling resources, and home schooling reading materials. As the government has failed to act responsibly for the eductaion of the future generation, this leaves only you and me as the only people who can and will do it.