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A Word of Caution

Care must be exercised in using the N.I.M. method that you do not try to push your child beyond his intelligence expectancy grade level. For example, if a child has approximately 100 I.Q. and is in the fifth grade, it could be assumed that he would read up to the fifth grade level. Many times this grade level can be achieved within about 8 to 12 hours of the N.I.M. if the child has started at the third grade level. If you continue on with the N.I.M. after expectancy has been achieved, very little additional gain is to be expected. However, if you wish to spend a few hours of instructional time experimenting to make certain the child has reached his optimum level, this may be well justified. It will not harm the child if you are sure not to press for results beyond his capacity.

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Make It an Adventure!

The attitude of the parent is going to make or break the success of the reading sessions. Your approach should be cheerful not business like. For example, "Okay, we are going to read for 15 minutes. I've been looking forward to it all day." Tune out any negative signals you may receive from the child. Simply get out the materials, sit down on the couch, and pat the place next to you where you wish the child to sit. The sessions are so short and so undemanding, we can promise that the child will cooperate, especially when he begins to notice signs of improvement in his reading-and he will notice.

Don't stint on praise-but keep it honest. A pat on the head accompanied by, "Wow! You were great today," will do much to keep the level of enthusiasm high.

Do not allow any interruptions. This is your time with the child for a specific purpose and he is not going to take it seriously if you bound up to take a telephone call or answer the door. Have another adult or a sibling posted to run interference during these important fifteen minutes.
Scheduling the reading session at the same time and in the same place every day helps not only to bring organization and structure to the commitment but also places a value on it. "This is the time when Johnny and I read together but I can see you in fifteen minutes."

It should be carefully noted that not every parent is capable of working with his child on an academic level. Very simply, some parents work extremely well with their children-others find it a frustrating, exasperating experience. If you are one of the latter, waste no time on feelings of guilt, we cannot all be all things to our children. (You're probably terrific in a number of other parent-child activities.)

Parents who can work well with their children and who want to help in the academic situation often don't know what to do or how to do it. Happily, the Neurological Impress Method of Reading is one thing a parent can do with confidence and with every chance of success.