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How Do Activities Improve Memory?

By Jean Helmet

People are encouraged to keep an active lifestyle, in order to preserve their memory. Some activities improve memory, according to the studies that have been performed. These are either mental activities, or physical activities. The way in which these help is presented below.

Keeping the brain active most of the day will surely lead to an improved memory. The more people use their brain, the better it gets. A proof that activities improve memory is sustained by writing and singing. Writing is known from a long time ago as a method to improve memory. It can be used for creating lists, a fact that leads to an improved short-term memory. In addition, evidence that such activities improve memory is the fact that writing down the notions and deleting them one by one, as soon as they are memorized, helps people to enhance their mental processes.

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Singing enhances memory because most of the songs are complex and require prolonged thinking in order to be memorized. In addition, singing changes the mood, a fact that leads to a decrease of the depression level, in most of the cases. As it is known, depression represents the most frequent cause of memory loss.

In children, the best way to improve memory is to learn new words. This can be done directly or by inventing a trivia quiz. Of course, at the beginning the children do not know the answers to the questions, but repeating them periodically will help them to memorize the notions. Such activities improve memory because they also enhance the reaction time and the long-term memory.

Other activities that prove to be effective in children include reading. By doing this, people transfer the information from the short-term memory to the long term memory. Hence, this activity is also useful in adults, and not only in children. Reading aloud seems to enhance the memory even more. Combining more senses, such as seeing and hearing, leads to even better results.

Physical exercises are also a must for people who suffer from memory disorders. Such activities improve memory by enhancing the blood flow to the brain and by maintaining a certain tonus. Furthermore, the physical exercises increase the energy and determine the depression level to drop. Certain sports may require good reaction times. This fact also leads to an improved memory. Performing more difficult sports that have more difficult rules represents a challenge and also a way to enhance memory.

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