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Why Do I Need To Know How To Read From A 10 Year Old Girl's Mouth Updated

By Linda Meckler

Do you have children that do not like to read? Do you have children that spend all their spare time on the computer? Do feel frustrated because you know how important it is for your children to be able to read and comprehend what they have read? If you can answer yes to any of these questions, read on.

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I am the author of a children’s book for ages 8-14. I always make it a point to ask children that age this question – “Do you like to read?”

I am sorry to report that the answer to this most important question for the most part is very depressing – “No.”

I want to cry and pull out my hair for such a reaction for our future generations. Reading is not only an important part of each of our lives it is also a necessity.

I wrote an article about a friend of mine who at the age of 95 finally took the first step to achieve a goal that he has found impossible and frustrating to achieve on his own. LEARN HOW TO READ.

If our children do not learn how to read how can they understand computer software. Believe me that is extremely complicated in some cases. Without being able to read and understand how to operate the software even their favorite toy - the basic computer will turn against them.

If you can not read how will you be able to continue in school and function in our everyday world? What kind of job do you think your children will be able to achieve when they become of age to work? I hope they have a strong body, hands and back.

As a parent and grandparent ,I strongly urge you to spend time when your child is a tiny baby throughout their elementary school years and read to them. When they are old enough to read on their own - have them read to you. Then discuss together what the story was about. Have the child make comments on the good the bad and the ugly of the story.

The time you spend with your children reading and talking together is the times that will bond you together for your lifetime. It is a special, precious time and should be anticipated on a daily basis – like breathing.

I hope I never hear these words again from a child’s mouth. “Why do I have to learn how to read?”

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Thank you for reading my article. Please feel free to read my numerious other articles on various subjects.

Copyright 2006 Linda E. Meckler

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