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The best Teaching

Teaching What You Don't Know
By Mary Joyce

With out any doubt the best way for any child to learn is with undivided one on one instruction. This definition alone points directly to the child’s parents. Who better to provide such an environment than the ultimate someone who loves and cares for the child and how they learn?

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Fortunately, the homeschooling parent need not be an expert in every subject matter area. Homeschool instruction goes beyond the classroom setting and takes in the entire world! Homeschool support groups and information is abundant and one doesn’t have to look any further for help than the library, the internet, community centers, and even local colleges. The key is if you don’t know the subject matter, be willing to investigate it and even learn along with your child. And when looking for homeschool resources don’t forget friends, acquaintances, and the business community as a whole.

There are many people that you may come in contact with as a part of your regular day that would be more than willing to take on a bit of homeschool instruction for you. If not, to come by as a guest teacher, most will provide invaluable information for you to supplement your lesson plan. It’s a great experience! And what a feeling of accomplishment!

The key to remember... don’t panic. Resources are everywhere and many are right in your very neighborhood. Children are always learning. If you don’t feel like you can effectively teach a particular subject, set up a field trip, or do a project together. Many outside the home resources are delighted to have a young person, who is genuinely excited and interested, come by for a visit. Many of these folks are more than willing to assist you with teaching a subject you don't know!

And you’ll learn something too!

Mary Joyce is a former educator, successful homeschool parent, and the primary contributor to the Homeschool-Curriculum-4u website. Please visit ( for a complete list of Mary's articles, resources on homeschool, ideas, and curriculum information. Also tips guides and how-to's to help you successfully teach your child at home.