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Home Teaching Method

Which Home Teaching Method Is For You
By Mary Joyce

As a homeschooling parent you will be able to pick from one or any combination of home teaching resources that best fit your philosophical or religious beliefs. Much of the success of your teaching endeavor will depend upon integrating your teaching method with your child’s learning style. Hence the question, after you have committed to homeschool teaching …. How do you teach your children?

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Read everything about homeschooling you can … then read some more. Obviously books and articles, but in today’s world, online at home teaching information is abundant. Get a feel for what fits for you. Don’t forget about discussion forums on the web. Join them. They are a great homeschooling resource.

As a parent you obviously spend a great deal of time around your children. Now after spending some time reading and learning about various home school teaching methods and perhaps leaning toward one (or more than one), it’s now time to perhaps observe your child in a different light. Focus now on how your child learns. That’s right make notes. Maybe your child learns better by listening, maybe by doing, or perhaps the best teaching method may be more visual.

If you are just starting out, a more traditional school at home approach may be the easiest to get up and going. And this is fine. Remember being comfortable with the teaching methodology is a large part of the recipe. Using this technique usually means the expectation for the child is to learn certain unit studies and certain times.

There are many different types of school at home curriculum packages that you can choose from. Don’t worry if you don’t find any one that you feel perfectly matches your home teaching style. In fact, many home schooling parents use a combination of several different packages that they have, over time, modified and tailored to meet their specific family’s needs. What you don’t want to do is try to force a particular curriculum to work. Again, pick and choose what works for you and don’t forget about the many online homeschooling materials available to you.

Read. Read some more. Observe how your child learns. Pick and choose and co-mingle more than one homeschool curriculum if needed. Modify your home teaching methods over time for a best fit, and the chances of a resounding success for you and your child will be greatly increased!

Mary Joyce is a former educator, successful homeschool parent, and the primary contributor to the Homeschool-Curriculum-4u website. Please visit for a complete list of Mary's articles, resources on homeschool, ideas, and curriculum information. Also tips guides and how-to's to help you successfully teach your child at home.