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Home School Decisions

Home School Decisions
By Steve Brummet

Just thinking about taking your kids out of the traditional public or private school is terrifying, isn’t it? Being intimidated by moving forward to something new isn’t really about doing the new. It is more a fear of leaving the comfortable behind.

Old pair of shoes

An old pair of shoes

Do you have a really comfortable pair of shoes? They may be slippers or tennis shoes. It doesn’t matter what kind of shoes, just so comfortable that you can slip into them like an old habit. These are the kind of shoes that you can’t wait to get into after a hard day of work. Like Mr. Rogers slipping on his blue pair of Keds. Won’t you be my neighbor?

I have a pair of shoes like that. They are so comfortable that I could probably fall asleep in them. And that may be the problem.

A new pair of shoes.

Do you remember when you were a kid and got the new pair of tennis shoes? I bet you felt like you could run faster and jump higher when you put them on. We recently bought my son a new pair of Batman tennis shoes. He took off! I didn’t even have to wind him up.

Comfortable habits like comfortable shoes are nice to have, but I want to encourage you to try on a new pair of shoes every once in a while. Trying something new, like a new pair of shoes, may be uncomfortable at first, but it will make you feel like you can run faster, jump higher and be just plain invincible.

The decision to homeschool is not as trivial as putting on a new pair of shoes. It may be one of the most important decisions you have ever made. Please carefully consider your options. Is it right for your children? Is it right for your family? I just want to encourage you NOT to make the decision based on comfort.

If homeschooling stretches your comfort zone and challenges your children, do it. If you know that homeschooling is the best option for your children, but you are pushing back because it might be uncomfortable, do it.

No one ever grew by staying put and staying comfortable. No parent ever raised their children to become excellent adults by taking the easy way. Go get a new pair of shoes today.

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