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iPad iBooks: Making Reading Fun and Practical

Apple and software developers have been providing its users effective and helpful applications for their gadgets (iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad). One of the best applications or features Apple gadgets have is the eBook reader. This way, users are able to develop their literary knowledge and booklovers can boast their virtual bookshelf with the help of the iBook.

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The ipad ibooks application allows users to purchase any book available from the iBookstore. The app also allows users to create their own virtual bookshelf. The ipad ibooks works just like the iTunes only that it sorts out books. With the said app, readers can freely change the book's font for a better reading pleasure. Once you purchased a book from the iBookstore, it will automatically be added to your bookshelf. You can just pick a book that you would like to read from the list of the books shown in your bookshelf and customize the font and the lighting. With this kind of feature, you will be able to enhance your reading experience.

It takes a brilliant mind or a numerous number of brilliant minds to be able to come up with this idea. Though there is an earlier kind of application that works like this published by Amazon (the Kindle), Apple does not deny the fact that both applications are very helpful. However, due to Apple's advancements in technology, the iBook has a lot more to offer than just sorting out books and arranging them in a bookshelf. Some other features makes reading more fun and easy such as the dictionary feature wherein you just tap the word and highlight it and a search bar or a pop-out dictionary will appear containing a brief definition of the word.

The ipad ibooks has provided a revolutionary way of reading and storing books. It has been considered to be one of the best applications for the iPad that has been published. Its features are very impressive and amazing. However, since the application is just new in the market there are a lot of suggestions for improvements that have been raised by its users and experts that should be addressed by Apple and the software's developers. All in all, the application still deserves 5 stars for providing such wonderful features.

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Years ago I tried to help Lillian Malt by converting her See-a-Sound approach to a computer one on one.

The iPad is an ideal tool to do it.

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