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Homeschooling Tutors Give Traditional Students Much More Than Homework Help

An educator who provides tutoring for both homeschooling students and traditional students is of great benefit to parents and their children. When working with an educator or “tutor” who has experience in tutoring homeschooling students, a parent knows that his or her child will receive not just homework help but also a review or re-teaching of the class material when necessary.


In the past, here in the U.S., and even presently in certain countries like England, the concept of tutoring has been slightly different than what we may be used to. Classes are often instructed by tutors, who have expertise in that particular subject area. In the past in the U.S., students of all ages often received one-on-one classes with a teacher or a tutor. The concept of homeschooling today is similar to this.

However, more and more, parents whose children are attending traditional schools are realizing that for at least some classes, their children require additional help that a teacher may not be able to provide, often because their time must be divided amongst all of their students.

Even if a teacher only has thirty or forty students in a given year, it is still difficult to provide additional help and tutoring for each student who requires it. Unfortunately, students can find themselves struggling to “get through” a subject while still not fully comprehending the material, only to find that aspects of that material appear in later courses. As a result, the problems accumulate until the student is lost, not because he or she is incapable of grasping the new concepts but simply because he has not mastered the previous ones.

Math, for example, is a cumulative subject. A student cannot just aspire to “get through,” a math class, because the concepts he learns in Basic Math, Pre-algebra and Algebra will definitely follow him into Algebra II, Precalculus, Calculus, and even on the SAT, ACT, and college entrance exams. And if a student has not mastered many grammar rules over the years, he or she will often find themselves struggling when writing an English essay or history paper.

If a student is struggling in a certain subject area, parents should not rely on a tutor who may have some experience in that area to help their child. The tutor may be able to provide a little homework help occasionally but will most likely also only help to cover the symptoms of the problem rather than help the child identify concepts from previous subjects that they may have missed.

A tutor who specializes in tutoring homeschooling students will have the expertise in that subject to teach the child the subject material, and if the tutor is excellent, he or she will also re-teach and review material from past school years whenever necessary.

As a result of this type of tutoring, the student begins improving in his or her current class, and the confidence that he or she may have lacked in that subject area over the years will most certainly increase. The student finds that he is not just working with a tutor to “get through,” but he begins realizing that he truly has the ability to excel in this subject.

Good homeschooling tutors realize that their job in working with parents is not to just provide homework help during their sessions. It is to both help the student understand the material fully and teach as necessary during the session while also providing homework help.

Parents whose children attend traditional schools quickly realize the benefits they receive from a tutor who will provide the same high-level of tutoring that homeschooling students receive.

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An educator who provides tutoring for both homeschooling students and traditional students is of great benefit to parents and their children. When working with an educator or “tutor” who has experience in tutoring homeschooling students


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