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A great combination of study choices - Business and Marketing certificates

In the New Economy, both business and marketing are undergoing massive changes, both in scope and methodologies. For those looking to break into these emerging new sectors, there are some very important study options available. Business schools are now adopting a much more flexible approach to certificate level courses in these fields. That's very good news for prospective students, because these courses can provide access to tertiary level degrees and very positive employment options.

Education as a force for change in the employment market
The fact is that the old single stream careers are on the way out. Multitasking has translated into multiple roles, particularly in business, and that’s created the demand for multiple qualifications. At the tertiary level, multiple degrees have been becoming progressively more prevalent in the United States, where the employment market is now demanding these very high value qualifications for career progression.

Until recently, this situation was putting people lacking tertiary qualifications of serious disadvantage in the job market. Many people didn't have access to the high cost and high time usage tertiary degrees, mainly because they lacked entry-level qualifications. The new approach is rapidly rectifying that imbalance. From certificate level qualifications, there is a natural progression to diploma level, which is the basal entry-level to tertiary education.

These certificates and diplomas have their own intrinsic value, too. Up to middle management level, these qualifications provide useful skills and much wider job opportunities, which in turn provide more job mobility and access to career progression possibilities. This type of training has been developing for the last 30 years and is now directly impacting the mainstream job market.

The demand for multiple career qualifications is also adding a lot of flexibility to people's job options. Very highly portable career qualifications like business and marketing certificates open up a lot of doors across multiple industries. For those who would otherwise be trapped in low-level jobs without much option for improvement, this training is truly invaluable. Certificate level qualifications allow people to set up multi-stream career paths and even in some cases to conduct multiple business ventures of their own.

How to set up your multi-stream career options
Certificate level training and the related education options provided greatly increase and develop personal skill sets which are very much in demand in the employment market. This means that the choice of study options can now be quite literally tailored to career goals.

Marketing courses and business courses are perhaps the best possible example of a combination of value-adding and baseline skills. Marketing and business are symbiotic commercial activities. A person having business qualifications, applying for a business position, adds significant value to their application by having marketing qualifications. Similarly a person applying for a marketing position having business qualifications shows immediate extra value to a potential employer or contractor.

Certificate IV in business and marketing only takes about 6 to 7 months to complete. This means the trainees can have a good working portfolio of skill sets and qualifications within a year.

If you're looking to reinvent your career or create more job options for yourself, start with certificate level training. You’ll be surprised what you can achieve.