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How to Install Windows 8. The Easy Way

Everytime there is an update for our operating system, which seems to happen every other day. We wonder what will be happening next. The install Windows 8 process will not be any different. Actually, this time there are a couple of other preparations you should make. Here is a no-nonsense look at the best way, and the best preparations you can make before you download and install.

  • Throw your PC in the bin.Unless you just bought one of the most powerful laptops or desktops available on the market, what you currently own is not going to do you justice. If it is more than six months old, you might want to think about getting a hundred dollars for it on eBay. Don’t stop yourself from buying a better computer for yourself even though they are half the price of what you paid for half the machine not long ago. That is just a fact of buying and owing a personal computer. No matter what you paid, there is always something released that is way better than what you have, and it is always a little cheaper. Computers are not something you buy. They are something you pay to use for a few months. Your old machine is not going to handle Windows 8. Get the latest and best machine at the best deal you can, now.
  • Get a Touch Screen.Think TABLET. The whole world has gone tablet crazy. That is because tablets are easy to use. The mouse and keyboard are sliding out of date. The other reason is because there is such a surge in tablet use, and even more importantly, smartphone use, these devices with touch-screen capability, such as a tablet, and again, more importantly, smartphones, are driving the focus, of how we as humans interact with our machines. Ironically, it is the just those devices which do not have a keyboard or mouse, aka, the smartphone, that has driven the change in the way that Windows is presenting itself to us. Touch, swipe, rub, and direct choice of the application we want to use, displayed clearly, makes using a computer much easier. You will still be able to use your computer after downloading Windows 8 with your keyboard and mouse, but the operating system is designed on a ‘see’, ‘choose’ and ‘touch’ logic. Everything in the world of computers and other devices (including Smart TVs) has moved this way in the last few months. You might as well buy a tablet and new smartphone as you buy your new PC and touch-screen. That is the limit of device options as it stands.
  • Goto the Microsoft Site. One of the most confusing issues with Windows is the company’s name is Microsoft. If you want to get anything for Windows, just go to the Microsoft site. Everything is always there, from your choice of Windows 8 themes to solving any problem you have. You will find the legitimate copy of Windows 8 to download. There will be no problem with that.
  • Get a Tablet. Windows 8 will work on it too.
  • Get a New Smartphone. The same Windows 8 will work on it as well.