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5 Things You Can Do With A Hospitality Degree In Australia

Working in the hospitality industry is one of the most fun and exciting careers that you can pursue, especially in Australia. The hospitality industry here is all encompassing and everywhere with everything from floating resorts near the reef, to serviced apartments in Brisbane. Your hospitality degree will have countless job options available to you; and, the hardest part will be deciding what the best fits are for you.

Hotel Management
Australia has literally hundreds of hotels of all shapes and sizes, so if you'd like to get into hotel management, you are in the right place. If you've graduated from Hotel School in Sydney, you will be well prepared to dive right in. Working in hotels is a great challenge as there is a lot to think about in making sure all is running smoothly, so if you like multi-tasking you will love this job. It is also a great way to meet people and no two days are ever the same. Usually it will take a few years to get to the top of the managerial ladder, though your training will give you a massive advantage as you will stand out as the obvious candidate as soon as there is an opening.

Travel Agent
Getting ready for a holiday is always fun and exciting, so why not get paid to help others plan theirs? Planning a great holiday requires a lot of knowledge of the area, the industry, attention to detail and great intuition. Your training will enable you to know all the options out there for your client no matter what their budget, and if you can develop a knack for getting to know a person quickly, you will be able to suggest all the right options for them. Most people only get to go on holiday once in a while, so your help can make this the best time of their year by far.

Event Management
For a job that is challenging, fun and rewarding, event management is a great way to utilise your new hospitality degree. Whether it be music festivals, art exhibitions or sporting events, a huge amount of planning and preparation go into putting on a great event, so if you have what it takes, you'll never be short of work. This line of work will have you travelling around the country, meeting all kinds of talented and famous people and playing a great role in putting on amazing events of all types. There's nothing more gratifying than pulling off a successful event.

Cruise Lines
What better way to spend your workday than by floating on the ocean on a luxury ship? There are dozens of different opportunities to explore in working on these big luxury boats as a cruise ship needs to provide absolutely everything for its passengers. Whether you are interested in the food end of things, the entertainment or the massive task of making sure it all runs smoothly, there is something for all types of hospitality graduate here.

No matter how you use your new qualifications, you are primed for a type of job that most people never have, one that is fun and exciting. Be creative, challenge yourself and have fun!


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