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How to Achieve Your Learning Objectives

As a teacher, you need to find the right approach in order to achieve your learning objectives. The right approach usually comes through instructional methods that will allow you to create the right learning environment for the students and to specify the nature of the activity so that both the student and the teacher will be involved in the activity.

Learning strategies are usually included in the pre-instructional activities, in presenting the information, the different activities, testing, and follow-through. They must be tied to the interests and needs of the students, else they will become bored, to enhance their learning process. Moreover, they are based on many types of learning styles.

The terms objectives, strategies, and media are often used interchangeably, but they all have separate meanings. Your learning objective defines what you want to achieve, the strategies involve demonstration and then receiving hands-on practice by performing the tasks, while media is the combination of learning and OJT. In designing your course, you must not only rely solely on one approach.

Your objectives can direct you to the right learning strategies and your strategies will direct you to the medium that will deliver the instruction such as elearning, self-study, classroom, or OJT. There is direct correlation between behavior and learning, so learning the behavior of your students whether they are passive or active learners can help you develop instructional strategies tailored-made for your students.