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Why Homeschooling Work

Homeschooling is now a good alternative that parents are now considering for their children. Aside from promoting a good relationship between parent and child, homeschooling provides the student the freedom from homeworks and other pressure from traditional school. It is also economically viable since it lessens the expenses for tuition, transportation, allowances, and uniform, among others.

A common concern of parents when it comes to home schooling is that it might affect the academic performance of their children. On the contrary, studies have shown that children who are homeschooled are as academically competent as the regular students are, if not better. Centuries ago, homeschooling was the education system used, yet it did not hinder the development of great people like Winston Churchill or Thomas Edison.

Children are homeschooled to allow them more time to develop socially and emotionally as they spend time to do community service or learn a new skill, as well as to veer them away from peer pressure that can result in vices or bullying. It helps develop good habits and teach them how to spend their time wisely. Aside from strengthening family ties through family bonding, homeschooling helps develop the child’s self-confidence.

In countries where there is no religious freedom, homeschooling is a better alternative to allow your child to practice religion without prejudice. TTC can help you learn more about homeschooling, teach you how to be a good home teacher, as well as how to apply for it in your area.