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The Benefits of Dry Ice Blasting

Dry ice blasting is now a popular choice when it comes to many cleaning applications and considered as a better alternative to solvent-based cleaning methods. This process involves the use of pressurized air steam with dry ice as the blasting medium. Aside from the improvements it brings in cleaning the contaminants, it also produces minimal abrasion and is considered to be a more effective and efficient method.

Dry ice blasting equipment rental is used for many applications including adhesive removal; cleaning dies used in manufacturing, fire remediation, mold removal, cleaning electrical motors, heat recovery steam generators, printing presses, and even live electrical distribution systems.

Dry ice blasting equipment is also used in different industries like airlines and automotive, electrical, food and drug processing, plastics, printing and plating, foundries, and even for general maintenance and restoration.

The pellet ice maker utilizes two delivery systems to produce dry ice pellets. It uses a single hose technology if the application calls for a longer hose without a significant drop in pressure. The double-hose technology, meanwhile, delivers the ice pellets with less force but this is not as costly and simpler than the single-hose delivery system. Ice makers, nowadays, come in a wide array of models depending on the needs and applications.

Dry ice blasting equipment has been very effective in decontaminating surfaces, which is why they are safe to use in many food processing businesses. They can even be used to clean equipment without the need for disassembly, or producing fire or any electrical hazards.

When using dry blasting equipment, it is better to use some safety gear since you will be working with highly-pressurized equipment. Compared with other blasting-cleaning methods, dry ice blasting is still a better option since it produces less waste than sand-blasting or soda blasting, and does not even require cleanup after the operation.

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