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Four reasons why colleges insist upon an entry level exam

When students aim to qualify and take up higher education through a college system, they start preparing for it much before. They try to take up their A-levels and high school exams in the best possible manner, to get good grades and eventually get offers from big colleges. However, still some colleges around the world prefer to present one more challenge to students before they can secure their positions and that is to pass through an entry level exam for the college.

Depending on the academic path students enroll in, they are asked to sit in an hour to two hour long examination which will decide the fate of their admission. This means all that hard work before college might not matter if you fail this exam. This is why there is a lot of criticism which goes on around the world against the colleges who are into this practice. However, colleges also have a solid reason to present this kind of challenge to students. Today’s academic blog will talk about four reasons that make colleges insist upon an entry level exam before students can secure and justify their admissions in the institutions they want to go to.

Colleges want to know the aptitude of the students

Even though students have successfully cleared their education and high school with good grades, college life and courses are completely different. It is something which is much more advanced and requires a certain kind of aptitude in order to ensure students get success through the college terms. This is one of the major reasons, colleges insist upon taking the entry level exams. They want to understand the kind of background, understanding and knowledge that students are coming from and whether they will be able to adjust in this college. The test through different questions can easily identify certain attributes of the students.

Colleges want to make the field level playing

When students apply to a certain college and an academic path, colleges only have a restricted number of quotas to give out admissions to each year. This means that they must decide a certain criteria to give those admissions and it is difficult because each student is coming from a completely different background. Entry level exams provide an equal level playing field for students to compete and secure their positions in the college on their own merit. If students already have the knowledge of important subjects, then these exams will not be difficult for them.

To filter out inappropriate talent

Each college is known for the kind of graduates and faculty it produces and owns. This means that a college each year must take people that come to their kind of level and profile, so the entry level exams help colleges find reasons to filter out what may be talented students, but not the right fit for that particular college.

To understand who their next batch is

Just like the aptitude of the students, entry level exams can also tell colleges who the next bunch of students are and what kind of background they are coming from. This helps them tailor their academic terms for the next year accordingly.