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Technology in classrooms; latest technology trends for students!

The new dimension of giving videos for homework is on the rise. Surely, it can be said something which is beyond the ‘tipping point’, because there are many students who are now not using the traditional computers to connect to the internet. Here are some of the new technology trends which are observed recently.

Students have personal access to the mobile devices:
The trend of having personal access to mobile devices is increasing day by day and most of the students are carrying the devices in their pockets, backpack or purses. Most of the students have access to the internet connected smart-phones and devices and they are using them in the classrooms.

Access to the internet:
Students usually connect to the internet at home or at school by using the 3G and 4G devices as one of the primary means by which they can connect themselves to the internet. As far as the traditional broadband access is concerned, they do not consider it as their primary means of connectivity rather they prefer those means on which there is less contention with other family members.

Utilization of videos for both classwork and homework:
Video is one of the greatest tools whose trend is on the rise. Most of the teachers are using the videos for development of better understanding in students. Students are accessing the videos and taking initiatives on their own to help them with homework. Some of them also use the videos which are developed by teachers.

Using the mobile devices for doing school work:
Students nowadays are greatly using the mobile devices in order to improve their efficiency in the day-to-day tasks and to alter their own learning processes. Many students keep the mobile devices for keeping in touch with others by using the reminders and alerts, which can help them in their academic lives. Some of them use the mobile devices for taking the photos of their assignments and some use them for in-class polling. Some students also use the mobile devices for texting the questions during the lectures in the classrooms.

Utilizing different tools for different tasks:
With the growth of different tools, students are going towards the best fit solutions which can serve their specific needs. Apart from using a single platform for different tasks, they are highly confident about taking advantage of different tools which are available to them.

Give attention to the digital imprints:
Digital imprints are mostly the things which students post online. Being on the social media, students also advise their peers about the content which they have to post on social media sites. Some of the high school students also think that having a positive profile on the social media site is linked to their future image on others.

An increasing trend in the online learning:
Students mostly opt for the online courses because they have an interest in the learning opportunities which can give them more control over the learning. They believe that they will have further support of the online teachers.

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