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Negative and Positive Effects of Computer on Children

With the regular use of a computer, lives of children have been greatly affected. Nowadays, the use of a computer is increased on a large scale. People take help of computers to perform a certain task rather than doing their own because it is more reliable and efficient to solve certain problems. This has immensely affected the lives of children. Everything in this world comes with its own pros and cons, so do computers as well. The use of this technology can be very useful but dangerous too if used excessively.

Positive Effects
Educational sectors have introduced the use of the computer, years ago. Academic softwares can be employed to develop the learning skills in children. They can take help from internet to solve their assignment issues, read and research on various topics to enhance their knowledge and can perform academically related tasks on the go. Computers allow children of several age groups to build up artistic proficiency in photography, film-making, drawing and design as well.

Furthermore, with the use of computers, children can easily improve their communication skills. They get access to log in to forums where they can share and interact with the people around the globe. Some other tools, such as e-mail, are helpful in enhancing the communication skills of children.

Computers offer many opportunities to meet new people. There are various social networking sites where children of nowadays connect and interact to make new friends. This expands their view of exploration and hence, acquires knowledge about different cultures and religions. In fact, they can meet and greet their old friends with the help of the internet.

Negative Effects
By the excessive use of the computer, a distance is maintained between children and other family members. They tend to spend more time in using the computer than with their family. This not only creates a sense of communication gap but can also lead to other life issues. The computer allows children to access social as well as entertainment related sites which can develop a computer addiction in them. This may cause serious domestic, social and health issues for them.

Children, who use the computer all day and night, may complain about their health issues. They are vulnerable to headaches, eye-sight and muscular issues. These medical problems are often the consequence of using the computer continuously or in a fixed position. Apart from physical health issues, children are vulnerable to access high explicit adult material which can let them involve in extramarital affairs. Children who use the internet more frequently are at a higher risk of learning and adopting non-acceptable activities, such as intake of drugs, smoking, and other unethical interactions.

It is necessary for parents to keep a regular check on their children and must not allow the use of a computer at a very young age. This cannot be restricted but altered if parents schedule a certain time limit for their children. In consequence, it can minimize the risk of getting them involved in vulnerable activities.

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