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Phonics Books

With PhonicsTutor software teaching phonics, reading and spelling, the phonics lesson plans in PhonicsTutor books are designed to work with the software to teach

PhonicsTutor® Workbook of Spelling & Grammar teaches and tests as students master the common sounds and spelling rules of our extended list of Orton-Gillingham phonograms. Davy DiacriticTM is an engaging character who informs and makes the learning of dictionary skills easy and fun. Grammar is included each step of the way. The 80 SilentSpellTM tests illustrate and assess what each student has learned.

PhonicsTutor® Classic Reader is not your ordinary reader. It motivates and teaches students to read with ease and enjoyment. It makes the crucial connection between grammar, meaning, and phonics that is missing in most other phonics programs.
PhonicsTutor® Classic Teacher's Manual is a must if you value your time. This book is a must for users of PT Classic. Its scope and sequence includes simulated screen shots of all vocabulary presentations. Lesson activities and suggestions for meeting the needs of different users are found throughout. Goals and focus are given for each unit.

PhonicsTutor has a reputation of teaching students of all ages to read when other methods have failed. Special education teachers and dyslexia experts highly recommend it for dyslexia and other reading disabilities.

PhonicsTutor® is by far the best and most complete phonics, reading, and spelling curriculum for the computer that I have ever seen. Phonics Tutor is superior in that it combines all three of these essential subjects into one comprehensive program.
Dan Kihlstadius, Reviewer,
Practical Homeschooling #22
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"Ironically, the method that research upholds as the most empirically validated is also the most demanding: phonics-based learning. Tedious for kids, exceedingly difficult for both amateurs and professionals, the phonics method has been a pedagogical stepchild: respected, but definitely disliked. Because of this status, it's a pleasure to see that an old favorite of Education Update, 4:20 Communication's PhonicsTutor has finally released a new addition to its well-received phonics-based reading software, PhonicsTutor Frequent Words edition." Mitchell Levine, Reviewer