Hello and Welcome to Phonics and Homeschooling. The resources for teach children at home. A method of teaching reading in which people learn to associate letters with the speech sounds they represent, rather than learning to recognize the whole word as a unit. Also find information about children education at home or Homeschooling.

Phonics Software

The PhonicsTutor method of instruction teaches students the common sounds for an extended set of Orton-Gillingham phonograms with spelling rules. Beginning with single-letter phonograms and single-syllable words and progressing to multi-letter phonograms and multi-syllable words, PhonicsTutor allows students to gain phonemic awareness without the frustration of memorizing a large set of phonograms and associated spelling rules before reading words and sentences. By grouping words together that have a common spelling pattern and similar pronunciation, students can easily understand which phonogram says which phoneme. The phonics lesson plans in PhonicsTutor include presentation and investigation of the words, word analysis, word pronunciation, and a spelling test. Most lessons end with dictation of sentences. PhonicsTutor is easy enough to use by a 4-year old with supervision and is self-teaching for children ages 6 and older.

PhonicsTutor® Frequent Words CD-ROM
Those familiar with or using an Orton-Gillingham phonics programs will be delighted with PhonicsTutor Frequent Words. Spelling and the rules of spelling are taught from the very beginning. It is fast-paced and the right choice for most children over the age of 7.

PhonicsTutor® Classic CD-ROM
The extra drill on pronunciation, blends, and consonant digraphs makes PhonicsTutor Classic the right choice for ESL or younger students.