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Holiday Break Ideas for Long-term International Students While in Australia

If you have come to study in Australia, there will be a number of long breaks each year. Australian universities have 4 distinct semesters, with 2 very large breaks at the end and middle of each year. Using this time to see more than just your university and private college is suggested. Backpacking and independent touring can be very cost effective. Here are some ideas for you to consider.

  • Surfing Trips. Australia is well known for its love of surfing. If this is something you wanted to be a part of, and never had the opportunity back home, then you have come to the right place. Good backpackers will have all the information on the best locations in Australia. You can also consider a short jump to New Zealand, as it too is a great location for surfing and is also a world famous destination. There are many international competitions each year, and participating as a spectator will also be a great place to meet people with your interest.
  • Red Centre. Uluru, formerly known as Ayer’s Rock, is an icon of Australia. If you want to get a real feel for what Australia is all about, then this is the direction for you. It is not recommended you attempt this on your own. Australia is a safe country, but you should think about the dangers of being in such a harsh environment without experience. Look for other backpackers and students who wish to travel at the same time. Traveling as a group will be a lot more fun.
  • New Zealand. Only a short flight from Australia, this country is loaded with adrenalin sports and entertainment, complemented by some of the most amazing scenery in the world. New Zealand is the birthplace of the modern Jet Boat, and this is something you just have to try. Affordable tours are available with student discounts that take you across the ocean or up and down rivers in only a few inches of water.
  • Diving. If you like the ocean, either snorkeling or diving up on the north east coast of Australia will be a memorable trip. The Great Barrier Reef has some of the most surprising and beautiful sea-life you will ever see. Learning to dive is affordable and just about anyone can do it.
  • Skiing. You can ski in both Australia and New Zealand. Both countries have a plethora of budget accommodation, although investing in your own equipment may be more cost effective, if you plan to go more than once. Online auction sites sell the stuff you will need at much lower prices than you will find in the stores. Buying second hand goods that have been kept with care is also a very smart option.
  • Beach and Parties. If you like the beach, sun and lots of young people partying, Surfers Paradise is where you should be heading. With around 12 weeks of freedom at the end and beginning of the year, many Australian students head to this beach resort that has turned into a city. There is a huge range of short-term accommodation, such as fully furnished apartments, that are very affordable. You just need to make sure you book ahead. Some weeks there will be over 50,000 other students enjoying the party.