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6 Tough Questions to Ask Finance Training Course Providers

A career in finance and related fields can be a very rewarding one. Getting the right education, from the right type of finance courses, to the right experience with industry professionals, will greatly influence the progress of your career. With so many organizations and institutions out there, how will you know which one is best for you? Here is a look at a checklist you can use to identify whether a course and that institution is the best choice. Watch them wriggle with these tough questions.

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  • Teacher Qualifications. We all know teachers must be qualified, but what we want to know is their background. Do they come from industry and have an excellent track record? Are they just another one of those eternal students who never wanted to leave tertiary education? You want teachers who have worked in the field, who bring that real industry know-how to the class room.
  • Employment Rate of Students. Any good institution should be able to provide you with the details and numbers of students who have studied in their course and what career options they went on to choose.
  • Industry Association. Being a part of an educational institution is not just about getting education in a class room. That institution and course should have proactive involvement in industry. This would mean professionals from industry giving seminars and having other participation. It could mean support and sponsorship by major banks. There should be a range of activities in any good institution and course.
  • Flexible Options. Study should not consume your life, it should enhance it. Can you move at the pace your abilities allow? Are their excellent online tools to help you get your work done? There should be a range of resources and modern technology that aids your learning while increasing your efficiency as an individual.
  • Inspiring. All education is not the same. Give two teachers the same material and see what happens. One teacher will develop dynamic and entertaining ways to communicate ideas. The other will probably not. Education is about the content, and more importantly, how the content is communicated. How do you know this course will inspire you? This is a question you should ask.
  • Additional Services. What kind of support will your course provide for your studies? If you want cutting-edge software knowledge, for example, you will probably need further study on your own. Will your teachers and trainers point you in the right direction? Will you get one-on-one counseling time for your particular career goals?
Getting qualifications without learning from real-life industry situations and hands-on experience will mean you are out of touch with reality. When you finally do get employment you will find your education only applies in a theoretical world. The modern world of business is fast paced and changing all the time. Remember, your finance training and studies should prepare and integrate you into the real world.