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5 Reasons Why More Educational Institutions Have Not Switched to Online Education

Whether you want to study English, or you want to attend a specific university, there are a huge amount of advantages from studying online. While we are finding more institutions are offering online courses, the majority of education institutions in the world do not. This is not good for students, and it is not good for those institutions. In this article, we look at some of the reasons why this is the case.

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  • Fear of Change. It is natural for those inside institutions to fear the loss of their jobs. There are many ancillary positions related to the running of a school or educational program. Change through technology could, and probably would result in less demand for a number of positions inside those schools. Technology could mean a loss in some basic jobs and even in the loss of teaching jobs – a very big reason why there is so much resistance.
  • Upper Management. Most of the people who are in upper management positions in any educational institution, either private or public, are normally of an older age. They themselves are in a category of resistance to computers and the Internet. It is many of these people who are in the position of power in their institution. If the people who have the power to make change, are resistant to change, just like with any other situation, we will see a lag in the services offered.
  • Traditional Studies. When we look at the types of courses that are on offer through online study programs, it is normally the most progressive and modern studies that are available. A perfect example of these are with business courses. These courses are normally offered by private institutions and are the more modern of study types. Older more traditional courses, are those which are less likely to be available online.

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  • Additional Income. Many schools actually make a lot of money from their students outside of their educational process. An excellent example of this is private institutions that target overseas and international students. If those students were not attending the institution, they could not make extra earnings from other sources such as recommended accommodation, health insurance and this list just continues. Many private schools actually make much more money from their students outside of the education they supply.
  • Fear of Technology. While change is heavily related to technology, there are a lot of people who have a fear of technology. This is just the nature of many people in our societies. There are those in the education industry, who truly believe that good education comes from face to face and personal interaction. Lack of knowledge and skill is another reason why they will believe this to be so. Those who are personally lacking in the skills to execute change in their institution will also need retraining themselves.
Online education could change the lives of many people in our world. All institutions should be offering classes and programs online. The technology is available, and the tools to make it practical and viable already exist.