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Using Online English Studies Help for Preparation for Overseas English Studies

Going overseas to study English is often regarded as the only way to get a real understanding of the language. There is a certain amount of merit in this argument because language is so closely related to culture. To fully understand a language you do need to have experience in a country where that language is spoken. Naturally enough, if you learn English in Australia, your English will be skewed towards the way Australian’s speak English, and the way they think about the world.

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Most people will choose a country not just for the language of the country, but because of the safety and cost of that country. This is why Australia and Canada are two very popular countries when it comes to learning English, although, they are obviously not England. Going to those countries will be very beneficial, and learning English in the accredited schools there, will mean you can get the right qualifications to continue on with further education in those countries. At the same time, this does not mean we cannot improve our self-study before we go. The internet is perfect for this. Here is a look at some of the ways we can prepare before we go.

  • Online Live Classes. Although it seems there is an English school in every city around the world, this does not mean they are the best. I personally have seen many English schools in a number of Asian countries that are an absolute rip off. The teachers of English are not even native speakers. It is more likely you will find better teachers with better qualifications with online schools. Most online schools will not be as qualified as those in the country of your choice destination, but they are often much better than those in many Asian countries, except for a few. If you do not have access to a school with a global reputation in your area, studying online is a real option. Online classes mimic the tradition classes, but they can be provided at much lower cost. The schools do not have to invest in the complications of setting up a school overseas, and they do not have to pay to be sending those professionals there. Good online schools will have materials for you to practice with after each session. The teaching should not be limited to the live classes. There should be systems for you to download materials, practice on your own, and submit for testing.
  • IETLS Practice. The main reason why you will be going to an overseas English School, other than getting the high level of teaching and education, and getting the local experience, will be to get your IETLS qualifications. There are a number of websites and companies online that specialize in preparing students for IETLS testing and practice. These websites follow the same style of teaching that IETLS requires, and many of them have previous copies of IELTS tests. This is an excellent way to prepare yourself for the standard requirements that your overseas school is going to train and test you on. Having the IETLS qualifications from a school in the country where you intend to continue further education, will always make the process of applying to universities in that country that much easier.
Just because you are going overseas to learn English does not mean you need to wait until you get there. Having some amount of English ability before you go will help you with your studies and help you in your daily life. Prepare and support yourself by getting a head start with these two types of study before you leave.


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