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3 Tips for Getting the Best Computer Deals and Support When Studying in Australia

If you have come to study in Australia, you will probably be concerned about your future computer and software needs. The best thing about Australia is that you can rely on getting quality products. Many of those who come to Australia to study are from Asian countries where many counterfeit items exist.

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This is not the case in Australia, and you know that you can rely on the suppliers you are buying from. Here is a look at how to get the most out of your money when buying your hardware and software products in Australia.

  • Education discounts. If you are a full time student, all of the major brand names will offer you a considerable discount for purchasing their hardware and software. Some of these brands will offer their discounts directly, normally when you purchase online. Your private education institution or university will also have a range of discounts and offers for both hardware and software. They have normally negotiated with particular suppliers, and because they have such high numbers of students, you will be very surprised at the deals you can get.
  • eBay. eBay is an excellent source of all software and hardware needs. The prices for new goods are already very reasonable in Australia. Second hand products are extremely cheap. The general consensus in the Australian market for a secondhand product is 50% of its value new. When you start to use eBay, make sure you learn all of the features. Paypal and eBay are actually the same company. Your purchases of hardware are protected. If you do not receive the goods or the goods are not what were described, you will get your money back. There has never been a situation in Australia where this is not the case. You should also be aware that eBay does not provide any protection when buying software of any kind. If you do buy software from eBay, you must understand that you are buying it at your own risk.
  • Getting help. If you are not very confident with computers, you will also be looking for someone to help keep your machine running smooth. There is nothing worse than having a computer issue when you have a lot of work to do as a student. There might be those in your classes in your school who know what they are talking about, but you should know there are a number of computer support providers that you can pay a small fee to monthly. They can give you online, over the phone, and in the worse case scenarios, even come to your home. These companies are very reasonably priced, and they are very professional at what they do. Some of these companies even offer great student discounts.
Australia is an excellent country to study in, and an even better country to be a consumer. Consumer protection laws and government agencies are very strict on businesses. Know your rights are make sure you are protected, and know that Australia has some of the best consumer practices in the world.