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Education Masters Course for Learning Educators

The new technologies available today change the way students interact with the world in and outside of the school. In order to become relevant as an educator, teachers must continue to learn, brought up to speed and maintain the consistency of the classroom experience, and hold students’ attentions. They can accomplish these through updated instructional strategies, integrated curriculum and leadership that is more effective.

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However, your desire to continue to impact learners is an aspect that will make you an effective educator. The Education Master’s Course can help raise the quality of educators and help improve their classroom performance.

The program is being offered on a full-time and part-time basis for those who want to register on site, at three Nipissing University campuses, and for online courses. This is a two-year program for full-time students, while the part-time students can take it within 6 years of enrollment. There are courses in the fall, winter, or spring/summer terms that are scheduled as onsite over a series of weekend, onsite over a series of weeknight sessions, and online via Blackboard Learn. This program can help advance your career, and it can provide you an enriched curriculum that can satisfy your career objectives.

The Education Master Course can prepare educators for different learning environment such as classrooms, schools, and other learning organization by providing access to a dynamic and enriching program without having to stall their careers.