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Full Time Jobs Available for Fresh Graduates

Yearly, there are thousands of fresh graduates joining the workforce. However, they are experiencing tough competition as entry-level jobs usually reserved for young graduates, are also offered to people of all ages and to those experience levels considering new careers who may want to start at ground level. While there are lucky individuals who are taking the opportunity to pursue their dreams, many are looking for jobs, any job that pays a decent salary.

While some requires no formal education, those dealing with scientific products will require a four-year college degree in addition to excellent interpersonal, communication, and persuasive skills. Registered Nurse is the next high-paying entry-level job, and this requires two to four years of college (ADN or BSN), while there is an accelerated 12 to 18-month programs available for college degree holders in other fields.

Full time jobs available for fresh graduates require college or specialized training, while others require nothing more than a high school diploma and solid work ethic. The job as a Sales Representative is one of the best paying entry-level jobs today since this allows employees to earn commission aside from the basic salary rate. Another requirement is the state licensure after passing an approved nursing course.

There are lots of opportunities in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry for those who want to work as call center agents, data encoders, or Medical Transcriptionists. For college degree holders, the best industries to work for include technology, finance and accounting, retail/merchandising, construction/engineering, and the government.