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How Successful CEO's Footsteps can be Followed on the Path to Success

Aspiring entrepreneurs often work hard and try to create their own way on the path toward success. This is not bad, but it can be inefficient. By following in the footsteps of those who came before us, we can become successful with less effort, and more profitably so.

By examing case studies, and in finding a mentor, those who wish to reach the top may find that the rungs of the ladder are easier to climb after having been instructed on how to do so.

Studying Those who Reached the top

Anyone who wants to be a CEO but does not want to do what they do is going to have a hard time finding success. One thing successful CEOs do for the most part is read, and regularly so. They read books by other successful people, and they also read about history.

In addition, many feel the need to tell others about their success and what they felt helped them, be it their supportive family (J. Paul Getty), their passion to win (Sumner Redstone), or their need to innovate (Jack Welch).

In addition, many value education, including traditional classroom education. It is not only where they learned much of the foundation of their knowledge, but it is where they made many important contacts that led to future business successes.

Beyond the books and movies about successful people that often offers the best of them, it is important to work for and with a successful CEO so that you can see who he really is, including his faults.

A Case Study of David Khasidy

David Khasidy is the CEO of SunRay Power Management, a company that manages hundreds of millions of assets in the green energy field. The company is innovative and extremely interesting, but that is not what makes the company successful. It is successful because of great leadership.

While Mr. Khasidy is young, he is not so young that he does not have two decades of experience in the market he is working in. He began his very first job as a teenage intern for a trading company. Following his education, he engaged in several different markets as a trader and eventually gained the skill to manage other traders. Knowledge of the markets as a result of being involved over many years is a key to success.

Like many successful CEOs, he is extremely well versed in his field and is also intelligent and well educated, including his proficiency in multiple languages. However, he is also impatient when it comes to incometence. He offers excellence and demands it, as well.

CEOs leave a tough act to follow; to become one, you must know them.

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