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Top Ranked Law Schools in Australia

Australia law school graduates are well-known for being sought after by employers around the globe, due to the high-quality legal education they have received. Australia is home to 32 law schools that offer undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, which are recognized both in Australia and internationally. If you plan to undertake legal studies and begin a fascinating career in law, the following are the top four ranked law schools in Australia.

1. University of Melbourne

Distinguished as the leading law school in the country, Melbourne Law School is located in Carlton, Victoria. Melbourne offers undergraduate, master’s, graduate research, and JD degrees within academic staff that are recognized as leaders in the legal field. Within the innovative and vibrant school, students can decide from a wide range of breadth subjects to suit their interests and their future goals. The postgraduate programs also provide students with unparalleled international opportunities for studying law abroad at Oxford University, New York University Law School, and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Graduates are awarded with incomparable access to the international job market and the most advanced forms of legal work.

2. University of Sydney

Not only is the University of Sydney ranked the second best law school in Australia, but it is also ranked as the 10th best law school in the entire world. As the first law school established in Australia, the school has a long legacy for providing an innovative approach to professional legal education and practice. The staff is comprised of some of the best lawyers in Sydney, who are committed to teaching students the moral purpose of the law through exceptional research-led teaching. As a result, the program creates some of the best lawyers in Sydney, as well as the rest of the world.

3. Australian National University

Located in Canberra, the Australian National University law school is ranked as the third best of its kind in Australia because of its wide range of challenging and stimulating programs. Whether lawyers are just beginning their career with a bachelor’s degree or are furthering their education with a JD, the college is dedicated to providing a high-level education. At the ANU College of Law, students receive valuable experience in the legal community through outreach programs, practical events, international conferences, and seminars.

4. University of New South Wales

The University of New South Wales’ law school sets a high standard for legal education, research, and public engagement for their enrolled students. Located in Kensington, the school offers education at all career stages, including undergraduate law dual degrees, Juris Doctor, postgraduate research, and continuing legal education for practicing lawyers. The teaching is based on research and outreach, in order to never lose sight of how strong an impact law has on the world. Upon graduation, students have all of the skills, critical perspectives, and broad horizon experiences to succeed in this rewarding profession.  

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