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4 Best Schools in Manila

Choosing the right school is one of the most essential decisions to make. A strong educational foundation is essential in getting accepted in the chosen field, thus, picking the best school is definitely important. We hope that this list helps you to find the right school or university for your kids.

Manila School

But will the long list of schools and universities in the country, how can you decide which one is the right and appropriate for your kids? How can you tell which schools do a good job? What are your standards and deciding factors when choosing the best school for your kids? To help you out, listed in this article are some of the top schools and universities in the metro. Read on and let’s take a look at the best schools and universities in Manila and what they offer.

Enderun College – Taguig City
Founded by a group of business and community leaders, Enderun College is a non-sectarian college and one of the top management colleges in the Philippines. The university’s goal is to produce graduates who are professional competent, mature enough to take responsibility, and highly motivated individuals.

Enderun College offers bachelor’s degree in business administration, entrepreneurship, and sustainability. Apart from bachelor’s degree, the university also offers short courses in the fields of culinary arts, hospitality management, business administration, and entrepreneurship. These certificate programs enable students to be the best in their current role or to advance their knowledge in their chosen field.

Philippine Science High School – Diliman, Quezon City 
If your kid is into Science, enrolling him or her at Philippine Science High School may be the best option. Philippine Science High School is a service institute of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) and offers free scholarship to those students who are inclined in Science. The school provides its students a positive and nurturing learning environment. The goal is to produce a student who develops both critical and creative thinking, right attitude, and right manner that he or she can use in his or her chosen career.

Reedley International School – Pasig City
Reedley International School provides world-class academic standards since the school has academic curriculum, which includes set of routines and structures that enhances student’s study habits, memory strategies, and problem-solving skills. Apart from academic skills, Reedley makes sure that their students also learn life skills, too. Moreover, the school aims to produce globally competent learners and leaders.

University of Asia and Pacific – Pasig City
University of Asia and Pacific was originally established as the Center for Research and Communication, which offers graduate courses in economics and management. The university started small and eventually expanded its educational services and activities.

UA&P is a private and non-profit institution that aims to produce graduates who are professionally competent, creative, and capable of acting as an agent of change to the society. The university offers bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics, Entrepreneurial Management, Integrated Marketing Communications, and Media and Entertainment Management.

In Manila, international schools and universities make sure that they provide the best and quality education for the students. Every school and universities in Manila and in other parts of the Philippines have their unique programs that cater to different needs of every student. The curriculum in these schools surely enhances communication and interpersonal skills, memory strategies, and problem solving skills of their students.

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