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Kids educational games and teachers re-sources

We all well known that these days, as the level of technology has completely di-verged the mind of kids towards computers, TVs, mobile phones, Internet etc Ra-ther than playing outdoor or indoor games. Children prefer to play computer games. Which leaves a very bad impression on them? They talk rudely to their parent, teachers, friends etc. On the other hand, some educational video games can stimulate learning and may develop skills such as strategic thinking and crea-tivity. So it is necessary that teachers supervise the gaming habits of their learners through educational games without using board and marker.

What Are Teaching Aids?
Teaching aids are the tools that teachers used in the class room. There are so many tools used by teachers to help learners to improve writing and reading skill. Just like educational games are also one of the aids that the teacher used in class. Several researches have also been concluded that the role of these educational games in the development of the brain of the child makes a remark-able progress in educational field.

* Learning and teaching sometimes challenging for teachers
* Several approaches to make teaching and learning easier and effective so one of the main tools is Games. Through games teacher easily convey the point to the learners or kids

A variety of educational games of kids exist few are discussed below which helps the kids in educational field.
* Mazes (Brain Booster)
* Outdoor Games
* Indoor Games
* Mind Metrics
* Board Games
* Socializing

Mazes Or Brain Booster
Scanning is a second name of maze .A maze helps the kids in variety of skills and brain boosting. He plays a vital role in learning and writing. Now -a -day’s mostly teachers have shared that they use mazes for independent practice activities in learning centers and math stations .Math maze games are great for practice. Stu-dents complete a series of problems in a very short interval of time.

Outdoor Games
Outdoor Games are one of the best techniques to teach students without reading or writing .The use of outdoor games helps to engage with physical activities like Gardening, Building sand castles, Shoveling and Trampoline jumping etc. This type of games Children’s also motivates to explore the experiments and also help him to become faster as well.

Indoor Games
Indoor games such as painting; coloring, scribbling, and drawing activate the creative and learning skills of child’s brain. Teachers mostly prefer this games because some students didn’t get the point in learning or writing .therefore teacher promote educational games is to encourage students to learn outside of class. This is the main evidence that games allow students to focus well enough to learn better.

Mind Metrices
Kids have faces many problems while learning because some kids are learning disabilities or learning disorders. it is the difficult task for every teachers that how can he convey his point to this type of kids? Mind metrics games solve this problem also. Teachers usually play this game while teaching. They use riddles for kids it’s a great way to increase the kids vocabulary.

Board Games
Board games are important toolkit to provide any student .It has been con-ducted that these games contribute a great deal towards the development of child’s brain. Teachers mostly favor this type of games because board games gives the concept of team work, rules and able to detect patterns.For example Ludo,snakes and ladders, boggle and Chess

Socializing is again a very well booster. You must have heard that kids love the company of other kids. So teacher prefers park Preschools, parks and get to gathers are an awesome way of letting kids interact with other kids and you would be glad to see them having so much fun and learning together.

Review OR Final Comments
Summary providing for the educational games play needs of children is a complex and challenging task. A variety of factors must be considered, including the vari-ous play needs of young children, supervision, safety, and ADA access. However, because our children experience fewer and fewer opportunities to explore nature, run, roll, climb, and swing and because educational games play is part of being a child, we must find a variety of ways to provide quality outdoor play experiences for children, infants through age eight years. This task is made even more im-portant as our early childhood programs focus more and more on teaching basic skills and early academics. Here our task is to explore the ideas through educa-tional games in children and making games are useful, effective and enjoyable for all ages.

‘’Games are nature most beautiful creation if we take as positive’’